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Village Montessori is conveniently located serving families in Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock and Marietta, Georgia. These pages are designed to introduce you to the programs and staff at VMS in Roswell, Georgia and to acquaint you with general information on Montessori education.

If you would like additional information or would like to schedule a visit of our school, please call us at (770) 552-0834.

Village Montessori School is recognized by the Association Montessori  Internationale (AMI) on the primary and elementary level ages ( 3- 12 years ).


This is a true AMI school. We started at 19 months. Here, we found an exceptionally clean and well maintained environment, long term staff (you won’t find that in daycare). Our daughter eased into the transition with toddler summer camp, in the toddler class for a year and blossomed into a very independent person, now in the primary class. We have participated in after school activities (soccer and dance) with excellent, caring instructors as well. The alumni session invited past students back to speak to parents and answer questions. This was truly excellent to hear how their transitions to other schools was easier than their non Montessori peers, their focus and interest in learning was beneficial and how well prepared they  were for advanced academics. The teachers have always kept us well informed in regular formal and informal updates and learning opportunities. Fellow parents are very involved so it feels like a family. Like others, if additional school years are added, we will continue beyond grade 6. I highly recommend this school
Update: as of 8-18-14, a middle school was added to Village Montessori School.

-Rebecca J.- VMS parent

I am very happy with this school. We started out just sending our daughter for toddler daycare but as we familiarized ourselves with the staff and learned more about Montessori education, we decided to stay through Primary we had the full intention of moving to public school for first grade (we moved to our home because of its location to Mountain Park Elementary School) but met with the Lower Elementary teacher at Village Montessori and discussed our daughter’s education and future at length. After that meeting, there was no turning back. We were completely sold! Now our daughter is in lower elementary and we couldn’t be happier with the education she’s received and the person she is becoming. She is so very happy VMS is her second home. And ours too!

-Amy P.- VMS parent


So Happy!
My daughter has attended this school for 2 years. After touring other schools, it was a clear choice for cleanliness, professionalism, academics, safety and friendliness. The fact that the vast majority of teachers and administrators have a long tenure is a strength for the stability of the environment which is very different than other schools we visited. Families are very much involved and it is truly a community. After school programs and camps are well planned. If you are looking for a true Montessori School, not just a Montessori-like care provider, this is the one. I highly recommend this school.

-Written by a VMS parent

My two daughters have attended Village Montessori School since their toddler years and I intend to keep them there through Middle School. The toddler program at Village is a beautiful and supportive environment where children are treated with respect. If you visit a toddler classroom, you will see the students serving themselves a snack, eating together and then washing their plates afterward. Other children may be working with puzzles, painting ,or jumping on a small trampoline. Through all of this, the teachers are helping other individuals learn to use the toilet, dress themselves etc. I can tell you that my observations of my daughters in the toddler classroom made me a better parent. Our whole family has benefited form our VMS experience. If you have an older child and are thinking about Montessori education for the elementary school years, you really must observe the primary and elementary classrooms in action. I have advanced degrees in Childhood Education and Reading Education and have taught in a number of public schools. I can assure you there is nothing so inspiring as a group of children who are busy and focused on work of their own choosing while being guided by experienced and intelligent teachers. This school is amazing!

-Kathleen M. –VMS parent


Village Montessori School (VMS) is truly a special place. In the years that our children have attended VMS we have been amazed and inspired by the growth, independence and level of learning – across all areas of development – that has transpired. At VMS our children are constantly encouraged to explore and question. Explanations and lessons are offered at a level of complexity and depth often not afforded to young children. The natural curiosity with which they approach their environment is supported and celebrated. The importance of respect, courtesy and grace is demonstrated, reinforced and strengthened by teachers and peers. The emphasis on and expectation of independence, is ever present in their work and play. They are genuinely “learning to learn”. We never imagined how these lessons would manifest in every aspect of our children’s growth. We believe that this is not only a reflection of the Montessori Philosophy, but of the culture and philosophy of Village Montessori School. At VMS we have found much more than a school. We have truly found guidance, friendship, support, encouragement and community for our entire family. As our oldest child so simply put it, not too long ago “school is where I feel best”. What a wonderful start to a lifetime of learning.

-Andrea Bacon- VMS parent


VMS is a dream come true for my family. My daughter began in primary at age 3 and it was the perfect fit for this very curious and independent child. Three years later, she was reading and writing and adding multiple digit numbers and more- and ENJOYING the process. She also transformed into a nurturing person as she became one of the oldest in her class and took joy in helping the younger students. I thought we would move her out of the school for elementary once she had the foundational skills down, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to move her anywhere else. Now, she is in lower elementary, researching and presenting and learning so much! It is thrilling to watch! My younger daughter is now in primary. She is so very different from her older sister but thriving just the same in her very safe and reliable community where she is being encouraged and guided and certainly gaining a desire for independence. The staff at the school are professional yet warm. The Parent Association is creative and caring. The owners of the school are parents and truly care about the families and the students. I love this community and treasure each year my girls have the privilege of participating!

-Written by a VMS parent


Village Montessori has some great teachers who are dedicated to bringing out the best in each child. My child has been attending the school for 3 years and has truly blossomed. The school is a true Montessori school which is so important when choosing a Montessori education for your child.

-Written by VMS parent


My son is new to Village Montessori since January '14. The foundation of a Montessori education is priceless. So, I researched many schools but knew VMS was the one from the first day during observations. I found the staff and environment what I desired for my son's introduction to the fun of learning. The Toddler teacher is peaceful and smooth along with her assistant's. It made the separation from my son for those few hours a day as a new mom, bearable. Specifically, knowing he was in GREAT hands and learning using AMI principles. I would highly recommend the Village Montessori.

-Bunny N.- VMS parent


We have two children at Village. The environment is fantastic. We can see a clear difference in our child’s development vs. other six year olds both socially and academically. The school has a focus on total development of the child (not just teaching them what the state would test them on). Village is one of the only true Montessori schools in our area. We would highly recommend parents look into this school for their children.

-Written by a VMS parent


Village Montessori is so much more than just a school. It's a second home, a community where children are respected, nurtured, and loved while receiving a top-notch education. Village fully embraces the AMI Montessori philosophy and employs expert teachers who uphold its rigorous standards. My oldest child is in the Elementary program and my youngest is a Primary student. I have every intention of remaining a part of the VMS family for many years to come.

-Renee W.-VMS parent


My son started in the toddler classroom, where I was instantly impressed by the cleanliness and order, that toddlers are not really known for. He then progressed to primary and now is in lower elementary. The most important thing I can say is that he loves going to school and he loves learning. I wish such a school was available when I was growing up, instead of the endless repetition and learning by rote, which turns off the brain and makes one study to pass a test instead of to truly learn. Also, he is not a cog in a machine, or a sheep in a flock; he is an individual. He is given the responsibility to learn (and, when there are smaller children in the class, to teach) and he grows up to it.

-Written by a VMS parent

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