VMS Parent Handbook

VMS Parent Handbook

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Being a Village Montessori Parent

VMS Parents:

When parents choose to enroll their children in Village Montessori School, they agree to support our mission statement, follow rules and guidelines set out in the Parent Handbook, and abide by Village Montessori policies.

We expect the following from our parents:

♦ Make continuing efforts to understand and embrace the Montessori approach and work in partnership with the school. This includes attending parent education events and parent/teacher conferences
♦ Demonstrate respect for all adults and children, the school and the school’s programs.
♦ Strive to parent according to Montessori principles.
♦ Maintain active, direct and respectful communication with the school.

As parents, you can expect the following from us:

♦ We strive to fulfill our missions as an AMI Montessori school.
♦ We aim to maintain open, honest, timely and respectful communication with you about your child and about information affecting the school community.
♦ We strive to ensure that the environment is physically and emotionally safe and supportive, as well as aesthetically beautiful.
♦ We work hard to ensure that the school building and grounds are physically safe, secure and well maintained.