Peace and Education

Maria Montessori said, “education is the best weapon for peace.”  It is so profound that she wrote these words over a hundred years ago: “The world’s people are disorganized, and each individual thinks only of his own immediate well-being.”  How true those words are today.  It is our vision at Village Montessori to build community with a global view.  The children here are receiving an education of peace which we live daily.  We respect one another, help each other, and love people of different colors, religions, and geographic areas of the world.  It is a reality at VMS that the community is diverse.  When children grow up learning from people of different origins they learn that all people have the same qualities without regard to how they look or where they are from.  This begins with respect for others in Toddler and continues on this path through the levels.   Our Primary children learn the continents and about the people who live there.  When we know more about different people it helps to understand that everyone in the world wants and needs basic things like; shelter, food & water, transportation, family, and social organization.  In Elementary the fundamental needs of humanity are expanded upon.  They learn the history of man and how these needs are met.  They not only learn these things academically but it is infused by the adults.  We have a diverse staff and we love one another.  Having the children see the love and respect the adults have toward each other is priceless.  They see peace modeled and it becomes part of who they are.  I feel so happy to be part of a community that exists of Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, and many others,   who respect and care for each other.   PCH